What People Say about Web Gathering

"The cost of the conference is far cheaper than the traditional way of meeting. Also, with any face to face meeting, the physical presence of your audience can be intimidating sometimes but the virtual conference makes you make your point without worrying about the expression on others faces. It simply makes you speak your mind."
Bobby Okine, Co-Founder

"I just wanted to say a huge, huge thank you for all the hard work you put into the Hubs session at Open Knowledge Festival. From a purely geek tech perspective, I was soooo stoked it worked – mindblowing.

And from a content/contributors perspective, I heard a lot of people say that it was a brilliant addition to the stream and to the conference. And all of that was down to you folk."
Sarah Johns, Guest Programmer
Open Knowledge Festival 2012

"I want to thank the Web Gathering Team, all of the Hubs and the entire audience that participated in this event. I hope we will have this opportunity again to compare notes, challenges and successes in the future."
Carter Draper, Training Coordinator
iLab Liberia

"It is cheap and we don't have to be at the same place to share ideas"
Judith Owigar, Co-Founder

"Thanks to @WebGathering for the live interaction with #okfest. Properly international event around open data"
Adam Oxford

"It is great to sit in my office and connect to with speakers and participants from all over the world. I love that web gathering connects everyone anywhere. So if I am working on a project in a remote area once I am connected I can still take part in a web gathering. I also love that the panel is made of great people and there are presentations from individuals who are excelling in their fields."
Regina Agyare, Founder
Soronko Solutions

"Well honestly I loved the conference. I love the moderation, the chat room, that people get to raise their hand when they have a question, that we can see slideshows and that the video is available after the session. I think in everything there is room for improvement but for this instance this is a great job."
Regina Mtonga, Co-Founder
Asikana Network

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