Web Gatherings for International Organisations

Regular Web Gatherings enable collaboration and sharing

Now you can call a meeting of all your international staff and key partners at very short notice and for less than the cost of a single airfare and hotel stay.

At Web Gathering we have developed a system for international organisations to enhance their communications with partners in the field and create opportunities for continued sharing and collaboration both inter-organisationally and across networks and communities of interest. We are committed to helping you make the most of scarce resources.

As access to the internet continues to grow so do the opportunities to use it for social good. Many businesses use the latest technology to save money and greatly increase their ability to communicate cost effectively both internally and with their customers. Now we are harnessing these technologies and making them affordable to use for development work.

Enable participation by holding meetings online
We use powerful online meeting technology to bring people together from across the world at a fraction of the cost and without the logistical administration of physical meetings. Using our expertise in this technology we offer a range of services to ensure successful interaction.

We are there at every step, training presenters and supporting all delegates to get the best experience from the platform including facilitation during the event, we ensure the meetings run smoothly so that you can concentrate on the content of the discussions.

We organise everything
You can hold online meetings as often as you need, as delegates can attend from their desks or an internet cafe and do not need to travel. The meetings can be for your chosen participants or open to anyone interested in your work. We will work with you to develop a schedule for the meetings to achieve your desired objectives which might be as simple as holding regular planning meetings with your partners, or a more ambitious international conference with multiple speakers and sessions to share your work with the world. We will also administer ticketing and fee collection for you.

Creating a legacy website for your project
We work with you to build a website with social media, blog and comment features allowing you and your partners to continue the dialogue outside meetings and across time zones. This builds into a resource that reflects the work of the project or network, again enhancing opportunities for collaboration and providing a showcase for future partners and funders. You can choose who has access to the website – keeping it private for your delegates if you wish.

All meetings can be recorded and hosted on your website for future reference and for delegates who could not attend the live meeting.

Monitoring and evaluation, disseminating learning
Web Gatherings are a great way to carry out research into the impact of your project with your partners' participation. You can use them to share learning with all your partners and with project funders. Your webgathering.net website will be a permanent and accessible resource both for information gathering and sharing. You can link it to your organisation's website or even host it on your own site as you choose.

An example of our work
www.africahubs.webgathering.net is a Web Gathering website for a series of meetings that have been held between new technology and innovation hubs across Africa. This movement began in Nairobi with the iHub and the model was replicated across the continent. Many of these organisations were operating in isolation without much communication between them. The Africa Hubs Web Gatherings offered the opportunity to come together and share ideas. The meetings were themed with presentations from different organisations each time and the website hosts recordings of all the meetings and presentations as an ongoing resource for anyone interested in the work of the hubs.

Joining a physical conference
We have used the Web Gathering system to run a live link up with a physical conference session to enable people from all over Africa to interact with delegates in the conference room. This is a great way to bring people together without the cost of travel and the problems associated with obtaining visas from many countries. You can see of a recording of this type of session here.

Web Gathering offers you full support
So that you can feel confident that everything will run smoothly we offer these complete services:
☼ Set up and host your bespoke event website including event information, timetable and blogs
☼ Set up and administer bookings and delegate registration
☼ E-ticketing and payment using an online payment system
☼ Communicate with delegates, login and conference information, follow up post event
☼ Prepare and deliver your virtual meeting space
☼ Coach presenters, providing orientation and support prior to the event
☼ Full facilitation service throughout event including support to presenters
☼ Facilitate web discussion fora including round ups and reporting of day's activities
☼ Prepare recordings of all conference sessions
☼ Host conference archive website
☼ Develop feedback surveys and prepare post conference reports

A fraction of the cost of physical international meetings
A half day meeting, for up to 50 delegates, can cost as little as £500.
Websites cost £1,000 for the first six pages design and build, plus £50 hosting.
We will prepare a quote for you that takes into consideration your specific needs.
email: sonia@webgathering.net for more information or to talk through your ideas.

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